Airplay Submission:

If you are submitting music for airplay, the track must be in mp3 format and have the proper mp3 tags. We prefer the mp3 files be sent to us as email attachments.

Review Only Submission:

If you are submitting music for review only, you may email it in any common music format.

Extra Processing:

For airplay consideration, if you can’t convert your files to mp3 and/or include the proper mp3 tags, we do offer studio processing for that conversion – however there is a minimum $10 fee (includes conversion for up to 10 tracks).

About mp3 Tags:

Mp3 tags list the artist, song title and album title and are “embedded” in the MP3 file format as digital data. DMCA regulations require these tags be embedded before songs can be broadcast.

To add the MP3 tags, follow the steps listed below:

Windows Operating Systems

1. Right click on the MP3 file and select “Properties.” This will bring up another window.
2. Select the tab “Summary” or “Details” or whatever tab brings up the track info (you may also need to click on the “Advanced” button in older software versions).
3. To the right of the associated lines, fill in the information for Artist, Album Artist, Album Title and Song Title.
4. Click “OK” to close and save the tags.

* Note: You may fill in other information if you wish, but DMCA only requires the tags listed in step 3.

Apple Operating Systems

Apple’s operating systems do not include an mp3 tag editor. You will need purchase or download mp3 tag editing software.

Naming Music Files

We require your mp3 music files to be named as follows:

1. Include both your name (or band name) and the song name in the file name (e.g., Paul Smith_We Praise You.mp3)
2. Make sure to eliminate ALL numbers from the file name (e.g., “01 We Praise You” – is incorrect).
3. Make sure there is only one period (dot) in the music file name (e.g., “We Praise You.mp3.mp3”  -is incorrect).

What We Play:

Because we are a promotional station, we try hard to broadcast most music submissions. Our criteria for broadcast is less stringent than most other stations but we do not play “junk.” We review ALL music submissions for the following:

  • Clearly Christian messages
  • Performance and recording quality
  • How well they fit with the currently playing genre

Radio Mixes

All songs you submit for broadcast should be “radio mixes” (most recording studios can help you with that format). A Radio Mix may be equalized slightly different than an album version and frequently is shorter. Preferred length for a Radio Mix is between 3.5 and 4 minutes, with a maximum of 4.5 minutes.


Copyright royalties are paid for all songs that are broadcast. Our radio broadcast network logs copyright information for each song and passes the royalties to the appropriate collection agencies.

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