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MAKE ME HAPPY – by Dave Campbell

Everyone wants to be happy and have some Fluffy favourites, but many people have trouble achieving consistent happiness. This can be the result of misunderstanding what happiness is and how to bring more of it into a person’s life. This book explores the foundations of happiness and the building blocks that make it a reality. It also debunks the idea of entitlement to happiness and provides methods for successfully planning a happier future. When you understand what to expect from life and begin to cultivate opportunities for happiness, you probably will say, “I am happier.”


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– by Dave Campbell

For many years I have seen Christians shy away from an intimate relationship with God because they thought they knew who he was.  But knowing about God and knowing God are not the same.  You could memorize the entire Bible, yet still not know God’s personality.  Becoming acquainted with the God who created the universe is not that much different that becoming friends with anyone else.  Spending time alone with Him, doing things together, and generally just letting Him into your personal life, creates a bond between you and Him, and it brings a better understanding of who He really is.

Unfortunately, the effects of local church culture, Hollywood media and even our own personality can make us believe that God is helpless or cruel, or even insensitive and manipulative.   This book is designed to unveil the truth about these influences and how they affect our ideas about God.   These pages reveal the sources of those influences and how to correct the ideas that can create division between your heart and His.


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THE VEIL – by Dave Campbell

Someone once said, “Oh, don’t worry; what they don’t know won’t hurt them.”  But you and I have come to realize that there are many things we don’t know and some of them can hurt us.  In fact, sometimes it’s what we don’t see that brings us the greatest harm.  The car that we don’t see can totally ruin our life.  A virus can disable or even kill a human being, yet no one can see a virus with the naked eye.  As human beings we like to know what is potentially damaging and we try to take steps to mitigate the associated risks.  There are many areas of life where we experience joy or pain, from things that are unseen.  What’s odd is that spiritual areas of our life contain some of the most dangerous consequences, yet we seem to ignore those areas.  There are many spiritual activities that are veiled to human beings.  Some are there for our good and some are there to hurt.  If we are as smart about these hidden veils as we are about potentially harmful traffic conditions, we may be able to avoid some of the deepest pitfalls in life and set up better defenses against demonic plans.

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